Sanitary and high purity fluid handling equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical process industries
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Sanitary Temperature Instrumentation
Sanitary & High Purity Temperature Instrumentation
Sales & Service in MI, WI, IA, IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, PA
REOTEMP Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers
Ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, REOTEMP’s SANI-TEMP Bimetal Thermometer is specially designed for direct insertion into sanitary process applications when a standard thermowell is not specified or the process environment is not exposed to pressure. The SANI-TEMP provides a quick temperature response and will mate with existing process connections.

All stainless steel, welded construction
Easy to calibrate reset screw
3-A certified design
Hermetically sealed
°F, °C, or dual temperature ranges from -100°F to +1000°F (-70°C to +500°C)
32 Ra max on all wetted surfaces
Standard connection: 1 1/2" triclamp
Standard stem diameter: 1/4"
Standard lens: Glass

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REOTEMP Sanitary RTD's & Thermocouples
REOTEMP’s Sanitary RTD’s are designed for temperature sensing in food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where sensor corrosion and product contamination are critical factors.

Ideal for CIP (Clean-in-Place) or SIP
All Wetted Parts Highly Polished to Exceed 3A Requirements
Quick-Connect Tri-Clamp Design
Fast Response Tip Available
Variety of Stem and Termination Options

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REOTEMP Sanitary Thermowells
REOTEMP’s Sanitary Thermowells are designed for use in food, beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

Sanitary Protection for Temperature Probes
All 316L Stainless Steel Construction
Fast Installation & Removal
Ideal for Food, Beverage, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Applications
Finish Exceeds Ra 32 max. (finer finishes available)
Exceeds 3A #4 Finish

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Sani-Flow Digital Thermometers
Chicago Stainless Equipment

Chicago Stainless Equipment's 3-A and FDA approved digital thermometers have been designed to meet the requirements of the food processing industry. They are accurate, durable, easy to read, water proof, easily field recalibrated and very low maintenance. Powered by a standard AAA battery, which is field replaceable, they have a large, high contrast, LCD display which makes temperature reading much easier and more accurate. They are available with most sanitary fittings as well as NPT and well type connections. All Sani-Flow digital thermometers are generally in stock, ready for same day shipping.

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Sani-Flow Sanitary Temperature Sensors
Chicago Stainless Equipment

Sani-Flow Resistance Temperature Detecotors (RTDs) and Temperature Transmitters have been designed to withstand the harshest environments. They feature a unique, compact design. A standard 12 mm industrial connector to allow for easy installation and removal. No complicated wiring or leaking heads, simply plug-in the connector and it is ready to use. CSE RTDs and Temperature Transmitters use 100ohm, 3 wire Platinum (PT-100 ohm) elements. Sani-Flow Temperature Transmitters are designed for direct immersion in sanitary process applications for the quickest most accurate reading possible. CSE RTDs and Transmitters the perfect solution for your temperature sensing requirements.

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Sani-Flow Sanitary Thermowells
Chicago Stainless Equipment

Sanitary Thermowells designed specifically for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industry. These are not industrial Thermowells adapted to sanitary. All Sani-Flow Thermowells are machined from 316L Stainless Steel and polished to a near mirror finish, an Ra of 8 micro inches (.2 microns). They have been designed with a clean low profile for easy wash down and maintenance. All Sani-Flow Thermowells have a 1/2"NPT female thread and are available in most sanitary fittings from 11/2" through 4". Most Thermowells are in stock and ready for same day shipping.

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