Sanitary and high purity fluid handling equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical process industries
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Sanitary Seat, Mixproof & Divert Valves Supplied by PureServe Systems

Sanitary & High Purity Seat Valves, Mixproof Valves & Divert Valves
Sales & Service in MI, WI, IA, IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, PA

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Lee Industries Sanitary Three-way (3FT) In-line Diverter Ball Valves

  • Three-way valves simplify multiple tank filling and draining operations

  • 1/2" through 4" full flow port sizes eliminate product flow restrictions

  • Precision crafted from T-316 stainless steel (T-316-L balls)

  • Manual or automated designs

  • Designed for rigid, corrosion-resistant, highly sanitary applications

  • Standard fully encapsulating Teflon seals provide maximum reduction of entrapment

  • Cycle times of approximately one second or less are accomplished when coupled with various actuator options

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GEA Tuchenhagen VARIVENT® Sanitary Seat and Mixproof Valves

The VARIVENT® system is a flexible modular system and therefore offers many advantages, for instance standardized parts interchangeable with various valve types.

The result: cost-effectiveness for the plant owner, optimized stock-keeping, favorably-priced spare parts and low parts diversity.

VARIVENT® sanitary valves are characterized by their special sealing technique. The metallic stop of the valve disk ensures defined deformation of the seal which provides a long service life, short downtimes and continuous production.

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GEA Tuchenhagen ECOVENT® Sanitary Single Seat Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen's ECOVENT® Single Seat Valves represent a cost-effective alternative to their shut-off and shuttle valves for simple hygienic process applications. They form the next innovative generation of the proven ECOVENT® series. They stand out by reliable function, CIP/SIP-ability and low maintenance - the fundamental factors for achieving consistent product quality, high output rates and economical operating, maintenance and service costs.

Features of ECOVENT® Valves:

  • Electrical components fully splash-water protected
  • Sturdy and reversible actuator
  • ECOVENT® actuators with direct internal air supply from the control module
  • Open lantern for visual inspectionstem seal and valve's switching position
  • Machine-rolled valve spindle finish ensures long life of the stem seal
  • ECOVENT® System has optimal cleaning characteristics- without domes and pools.
  • Valve disks are manufactured in a single piece.
  • Metallic stop of the valve disk provides a defined deformation of the seal, ensuring long seal life.
View GEA Tuchenhagen Ecovent® Sanitary Single Seat Valve Brochure

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GEA Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO Mixproof Valves

The GEA Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO Valve™ has been designed to allow safe separation of non compatible products (such as milk or milk products & cleaning solution) and is approved by the FDA (through the issuance of Memorandum M-b-353) to allow one housing of the valve and the corresponding valve seat as well as the vent cavity to be cleaned while milk or milk products are present in the opposite valve housing and line.

In process system designs which utilize the 24/7 PMO Valve™, the processor will greatly increase the throughput of the process system. This is due to the elimination of the downtime required by all other single seat and mixproof valves systems where the process operations must be shutdown for valve and manifold cleaning.

In the case of PMO Mixproof valve or double-block-and-vent single-seat valve systems, PMO regulations have UP TO NOW not allowed the cleaning of the vent cavity or a valve seat while Milk or Milk products are present in the valve under item 15p (B) section (6) of the PMO. This vent cavity cleaning restriction has been lifted for this 24/7 PMO Valve™ alone.

View GEA Tuchenhagen 24/7 PMO Mixproof Valves Brochure

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Top Line DCX3 & DCX4 Sanitary Air Operated Shut-off and Divert Valves

General Characteristics:
  • High tech and sturdy air operated valve, with a floating plug seal, meeting stringent use criteria.
  • Extra thick body of the actuator and of the valve, ensuring a good resistance to mechanical and thermal distorsions
  • Modular design enabling the following configurations:
  • Shut Off Valve DCX3 L
    • DCX3 T
    • DCX3 X
  • Divert Valve DCX4 L/L
    • DCX4 T/L
    • DCX4 L/T
    • DCX4 L/X
  • PFA seals quality ensures a complete sealing at high temperature and a good resistance to aggressive products
  • Plastomer seal can be replaced by elastomer seal
  • Single or double acting connection
  • With plastomer seal, vertical setting up (especially for DCX4)
View Top Line DCX3 & DCX4 Sanitary Air Operated Shut-off and Divert Valves Brochure