Sanitary and high purity fluid handling equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical process industries
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Sanitary Strainers: In-Line Strainers, Y-Strainers, L-Strainers & More
Sanitary & High Purity Strainers, In-Line, Y, L & More
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Top-Flo™ In-line Stainless Steel Filters and Strainers

Top Line Process Equipment Company

Sanitary Filter and Strainers for the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Cosmetics, Biotechnology,Pharmaceutical and Electronics Processing Industries.

Top-Flo™ in-line stainless steel filters and strainers are specifically designed for the removal of unwanted particles from process line content providing added protection and longer service life for pumps, valves, heat exchangers and other processing equipment.

Constructed of corrosion-fighting 316L stainless steel, Top-Flo™ in-line filters and strainers feature a sanitary design plus ease of installation and quick cleanup. These rugged, yet lightweight strainers are available in two lengths and are interchangeable with other comparable strainers. The Top-Flo™ strainer is ideally suited to hygienic process applications including dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech.

Top-Flo® filters can be furnished with any one of seven filtering media down to 38 microns including non-woven rayon, cotton, cheesecloth, nylon mesh and woven nylon.

Fine or Medium Strainer
Complete with a backup tube and overscreen with small perforations or wiremesh for removing finerparticles (73 to 1130 microns).

Coarse Strainer
Furnished with a single perforated screen for straining large particles.

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Flowtech Sanitary Y Strainers & L Strainers

Flowtech's newly engineered Sanitary Y-Strainers and L-Strainers #54 and #55 sanitary and industrial in-line strainers are designed to be used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries.

The Strainer Program has been designed to meet all capacities needed and the highest sanitary industry standards while still being a user friendly component.

All wetted metal parts are 304 or electropolished 316L stainless steel. Seal seats are available in silicone, EPDM, Viton or PTFE.

#54/55 Y STRAINER & L STRAINER Features

•Model #54 Y-Strainers – In-Line Style Strainers
•Model #54 L-Strainers – 90o Inlet to Outlet Style Strainers
•Strainer element or insert can be disassembled without pulling unit from process line
•Durable Screen design dual flow without risk of collapsing screen
•Unlimited mounting options for Y-Strainers to cater to any piping arrangement
•Wide range of common Mesh Sizes available from stock
•Materials made in 316L Food/Pharmaceutical Grade Stainless
•3/4" to 6.0" Sanitary Tri-Clamp Port Connections
•Food Grade EPDM, Viton or Teflon Elastomers
•USA 3A Certified by Third Party (TPV)
•Full documentation including Certificate of Conformance and Material Test Certificate

Strainer Options

•Model #55 Y-Strainers – In-Line Style Strainer with Sightglass
•Model #55 L-Strainers – 90° Inlet to Outlet Style Strainer with Sightglass
•Sightglass material in Glass or Plastic
•Custom Mesh Sizes
•Materials made in Hastelloy-C or AL6XN
•Alternative Port Connections: DN & ANSI Flange and DN & AMCE Thread
•USP Class VI Elastomers with certification
•High Polish 15-20 Ra (0.4-0.6 micron) + Electropolish Finish with certification
•Optional Drain port on cap

View Flowtech Y Strainers Brochure