Sanitary and high purity fluid handling equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical process industries
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Sanitary Tanks & Process Vessels Supplied by PureServe Systems
Sanitary & High Purity Tanks, High Purity Process Vessels
Sales & Service in MI, WI, IA, IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, PA

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Sanitary Storage Tanks, Sanitary Process Vessels, and Mixer Vessels
Walker Engineered Products

Walker Engineered Products offers a broad range of products for mixing and blending, including process vessels, mixer vessels, round horizontal and vertical storage tanks. Walker also provides a wide range of agitation technologies including turbine, sweeper, scraped surface and counter rotating, as well as numerous heat transfer solutions including dimple, channel and half pipe. Industries serviced include food, beverage, dairy, biopharm, fine chemical and personal care industries.

Walker Engineered Products Overview
Storage Tanks
Mixer Vessels
Process Vessels
Pharmaceutical Vessels
Custom Fabrication
Stainless Steel Processing Vessels & Systems
Lee Industries

Lee Industries designs and manufactures high quality stainless steel processing vessels & systems for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical/Bio-Tech, Food/Beverage & Chemical industries.

Lee sanitary tanks and processors can be customized for your application. By combining a basic cylinder with the various heads, bottoms, and legs shown, a processing unit can be assembled to meet your most stringent requirements. A wide choice of pressure jackets and agitators assure that the unit is correct for the application and no process compromise is necessary.

Customized Tanks and Processors
Stainless Steel Hemispherical-bottom Kettles
Mixers & Blenders
UNIFLOW Vacuum System